ABOUT StraightBook

StraightBook is a web-based business management (accounting) software in both English and Kiswahili Languages used in more than 1100 businesses in Tanzania and over 400 businesses abroad intended to revolutionize the way business is handled in Tanzania,East Africa,Africa and the world in general by avoiding using books or papers to record sales and products and storing and tracking all business information online or through a computer directly which is an efficient, safe, secure and faster way.

This software is completely developed by Mr. Bukhary Haruna Kibonajoro, a renowned computer programmer with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from also the renowned University of Dar Es Salaam and is now run under StraightBook Limited, a company he founded in 2015 where he is its Chairman & Chief Technical Officer (CTO) currently.

This software can be installed locally as Desktop Software or used online depending on the customer preference
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